Aug 20 2019

Why Hackers Are Living in a "Candy Store Era"

A growing number of mobile, cloud and digital IT assets have given cyberattackers a vast number of targets. Defending these assets is a challenge, but ethical hackers can offer lessons from the front lines to help. At the CDW Protect SummIT in Philadelphia, we spoke to security analyst and author Keren Elazari, who offered her experience as an ethical hacker to highlight steps organizations can take to better protect their environment. For more videos and articles from the Protect SummIT, visit

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    Keren Elazari, Cybersecurity Analyst, Author and Researcher

Video Highlights

  • Users and IT professionals must make thousands of technology-related decisions every day. A mistake on any one of these could open the door for attackers. 
  • Hackers have access to new tools that employ automation and sophisticated techniques.
  • Organizations can work with ethical hackers through programs such as bug bounties to improve their defenses against advanced attacks.