Feb 22 2018

What's New with CDW Threat Check 3.0?

The next version of CDW Threat Check, a security assessment tool, will be rolling out to customers this spring. As new and aggressive security threats emerge regularly, organizations must be equipped with the right defenses. CDW Threat Check helps IT teams understand where their vulnerabilities and weaknesses may lie and offers up recommended solutions to the address the security gaps. We spoke with Paul Shelton of CDW to get a better understanding of what customers can expect from the new version of Threat Check when it rolls out later this spring. Visit our CDW Managing Risk SummIT landing page to view more articles and videos from the event.

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    • Paul Shelton, Security Solutions Practice Lead, CDW

Video Highlights

  • There's increased visibility for customers as CDW is partnering with Splunk to collate and categorize more data.
  • Threat Check can be a single assessment or done as a recurring test.
  • Partnerships allow CDW Threat Check to have the best-of-breed security tools and R&D.