Aug 16 2018

What Is a CASB and Why Is It Important?

The cloud has revolutionized IT, but it also has created new security challenges. To protect their data in the cloud, organizations must shift their focus from infrastructure security to information security. At the CDW Managing Risk SummIT in Boston, we spoke with security experts about how cloud access security broker solutions can provide a unified control point for visibility into cloud applications, use and data. Visit our CDW Managing Risk SummIT landing page to view more articles and videos from the event.

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    Eric Andrews, Vice President, Cloud Security, Symantec

    Srini Gurrapu, Chief Cloud Evangelist, McAfee

Video Highlights

  • The cloud gives organizations the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of their data, their users and their business workflows. 
  • A CASB gives IT teams visibility into their different cloud apps and services and provides reporting for compliance and certifications.
  • Organizations should choose a CASB that can secure different cloud models, including Software, Infrastructure and Platform as a Service.