Aug 29 2017

VMworld 2017: The Evolution of the Software-Defined Data Center

Taking the learnings of virtualization gained over the last dozen years, businesses are making the push to achieve software-defined data centers — breaking down the silos across compute, storage and networking, as well as on-premises and cloud.

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    Brandon Jackson, Technical Architect for Datacenter Converged Solutions Service Engineering, CDW

    Chris Jostock, Technical Architect for Managed Services, CDW

    Kevin Meccia, Principal Field Solutions Architect for Virtualization, CDW

Video Highlights

  • Three data center architects describe the transformation taking place now as the final push to achieve SDDC is under way.
  • To make the on-premises environment as agile as cloud requires integrating the virtualization technologies that businesses have deployed for compute, storage and networking.
  • SDDC will let businesses take advantage of hybrid environments in real time and decide — based on mission — where and how they provision and manage data, apps and services.

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