Aug 30 2016

VMworld 2016: Never Have I Ever — The Cloud Challenge

Though it took some convincing, cloud computing has firmly cemented its place in enterprise IT. We sat down with two IT leaders at VMworld 2016 and asked them to play "Never Have I Ever" with us to get their take on how cloud technologies have evolved and understand what obstacles they've encountered and successes they've accomplished. Check out more of our coverage from VMworld 2016.


    • Kevin Meccia, Field Solutions Architect, Virtualization, CDW
    • Wolfgang Weith, IT Consultant, Virtuosity UG

Video Highlights

  • Understanding which cloud environment is right for the job depends on resources and business objectives.
  • When adopting public-cloud solutions, remember that most are pay-as-you-go, so costs can add up.
  • Plan appropriately for growth and bandwidth issues. Cloud migrations can become bumpy if capacity isn't properly accounted for.