Sep 02 2015

VMworld 2015: Photon, Cross-Cloud vMotion and Other New Products Improve Enterprise Agility

Businesses face immense changes and pressures on several fronts and they need IT solutions to respond accordingly. VMware CMO Robin Matlock highlights new products announced at VMworld that will help IT leadership face and succeed in an environment that demands more flexibility and agility.

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    • Robin Matlock, CMO, VMware

Video Highlights

  • Every industry is being disrupted and transformed by technology and software and companies must be ready to shift along with IT.
  • Cross-cloud vMotion allows IT workers to take entire workloads from a hybrid cloud to a public cloud seamlessly.
  • Photon is a platform, machine and controller that is essentially a lightweight stack that gives IT flexibility and control over containers.
  • New versions of NSX 6.2, vRealize Operations and new cloud services from the vCloud Air were announced at VMworld.