Dec 16 2014

The Value of Disaster Recovery & Security as Cloud Services

Worried about idle capacity and over-investing in your infrastructure to ensure business continuity? Cloud services supporting disaster recovery, backup and security mean your business doesn't need to build and maintain a second data center to meet critical business needs. Cloud for disaster recovery and security also provides scalability as a business grows. This allows a company to avoid allotting costly capital expense dollars to hardware.


    • Stephen Braat: Vice President, Cloud & Managed Solutions, CDW
    • Tim Hanrahan: Cloud Client Executive, CDW
    • Jason Hart: Cloud Client Executive, CDW
    • Sandra Yu: Cloud Client Executive, CDW
    • Shane Zide: Cloud Client Executive, CDW
    • Stan Pachura: CIO, National MI
    • Darrick Wilson: Vice President, Information Security & Enterprise Technology, National MI

Video Highlights

  • With the cloud, you don't have to endure the significant costs of maintaining a second data center.
  • All humans and hardware are fallible, which means your traditional hardware stack isn't as secure as your think it is.
  • Co-location and managed services can help you build the disaster recovery you need at a cost you can handle.