Jun 11 2015

Social Innovation Summit 2015: The Cloud’s Role in Uplifting Nonprofits

Enterprises and small businesses have benefitted immensely from the agility and flexibility that cloud apps and infrastructure provide them. But how are nonprofits tapping into the cloud as a resource to improve operations and innovate? We spoke with nonprofit technology leaders to understand the cloud is uplifting nonprofit IT.

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    • Jared Bieschke, manager of strategic IT initiatives for the Urban Institute
    • Edima Elinewinga, executive director of information technology for the UN Foundation
    • Corey Marshall, director of Splunk4Good

Video Highlights

  • Moving to email to the cloud is a smart and good way to start with cloud technology
  • Nonprofits should think about why IT should not be in the cloud rather than why it should
  • Cloud is decreased costs in many instances, allowing organizations to offer the same services but at a lower price