Apr 11 2018

Security Is a Top Priority in the Modern Workplace

Every business knows the stakes of security. Cyberthreats are more sophisticated and dangerous than ever, and the news is full of stories about organizations that have suffered data breaches costing vast sums of money, as well as damage to their reputations. At the CDW Enabling the Workforce SummIT, we talked to IT leaders from numerous industries about how they are defending their companies from evolving threats. Visit our CDW Enabling the Workforce SummIT landing page to view more articles and videos from the event.

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    Brian Quill, Director of Retail IT and Operations, Under Armour

    Brent Laufenberg, Chief Technology Officer, Rise Interactive

    Matt Stratis, Project Manager, IAC

    Joe Giannetti, Vice President of IT, Applied Systems

Video Highlights

  • A layered approach to security provides better protection for users and businesses.
  • Threats such as phishing and malware pose a major challenge.
  • Single sign-on solutions help manage user identities to defend enterprise data.