Apr 25 2023

RSAC 2023: Are You Prepared for the Advent of Quantum Computing?

According to many experts, quantum computing is poised to change the world in the not-too-distant future. It will enable data processing at unprecedented speeds and volumes, which in turn will enable life-changing technological advances. But it also threatens to undermine security because it will break our current understanding of cryptography, rendering today's cybersecurity efforts ineffective. That's why now is the time for organizations to begin planning how they will respond to the quickly approaching dawn of quantum computing.

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    Jeremiah Salzberg, Chief Security Technologist, CDW

    Colin Soutar, Managing Director, Deloitte

Video Highlights

  • Quantum computing will introduce unprecedented processing power that could lead to breakthroughs in many areas.
  • Quantum computing is likely to have both positive and negative effects on cybersecurity, causing a breakdown of cryptography but enabling faster anomaly detection.
  • The first step in preparing for quantum computing is to develop an inventory of your data so you can better understand your potential exposure.