Mar 08 2019

RSA 2019: New and Useful Security Technology We Saw at the Show

With security bubbling up to the top of everyone's list as an organizational priority, there's no shortage of cybersecurity products and solutions to choose from. We explored the show floor at the 2019 RSA Conference in San Francisco to see what technologies offer serious promise and also checked out the latest offerings on display from some well-known brands. 

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    • Yael Gour, Product Marketing Lead, RSA Fraud & Risk Intelligence, RSA
    • Leonardo Andrade, Senior Technical Sales Engineer, RSA
    • Varun Kohli, Head of Strategic Marketing, Symantec
    • Michael Godin, Solutions Engineer, Symantec
    • Harold Lewis, Email Security Specialist, Symantec
    • Brook Chelmo, Senior Product Marketing and Product Manager, SonicWall

Video Highlights

  • RSA's Fraud & Risk Intelligence Suite is a sophisticated, omnichannel security solution that gives organizations advanced and specific controls to mitigate fraud and prevent theft. This is an ideal solution for financial services organizations.
  • Achieving true end-to-end protection is the goal of every business. Symantec offers some compelling products that address security analytics and intelligence, while also locking down email and phishing threats in a way that's user friendly.
  • For organizations that need sandboxing at the access point level, the SonicWall SonicWave 231o is a compelling option that balances connectivity with security.