Mar 07 2019

RSA 2019: Measuring the Impact of a Breach

There are few things that are more terrifying to an organization than a data breach. But how do you successfully measure and quantify the impact? Verizon's annual Data Breach Investigations Report highlights the overall impact of breaches across a swath of industries. To better understand how organizations can measure the impact of a breach, we asked Suzanne Widup, a senior analyst with Verizon, to give us insight into the methodology that goes into putting these reports together.

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    • Suzanne Widup, Senior Analyst, Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Video Highlights

  • There are 36 indicators of impact that show not just a dollar amount but a wide range of ways that companies might be affected by a breach.
  • A breach is, in many ways, like a tornado hitting a city. A small town with few resources will take longer to recover than larger city with more resources.
  • Organizations should look at the indicators identified in Verizon's report and ensure they're accounting for those things in their security planning.