Apr 10 2020

Remote Work: Expert Advice on Making Your Network Power Work from Home

For employees to successfully work from home, they must have the networking to support it. That can be tough if other people in the house are trying to work or stream videos, but there are things that workers can do to make sure they can still get the job done. To help IT departments support workers through these challenges, experts from CDW provide insights on how to empower employees from home. The key takeaways are:

  • Employees can take steps to improve their bandwidth. 
  • Virtual private networks need to be ready to support the full workforce.
  • Businesses can leverage existing virtual desktop infrastructure to maximize results.

To learn more about how your organization can enable productive remote work, visit CDW.com/WFH.


    Nathan Coutinho, Director of Collaboration Solutions, CDW

    Mike Elrod, Principal Field Solution Architect, CDW

    Sven Rasmussen, Enterprise Networking Team Lead, CDW

    Mike Murphy, Solution Architect Team Lead, Collaboration, CDW

    Keara Dowd, Editor, BizTech

Video Highlights

  • Workers fighting for bandwidth at home can take matters into their own hands. 
  • Businesses can scale their virtual private networks to support the full workforce.
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure can be used to power employees from home.