Jan 16 2018

NRF 2018: The Value of Prescriptive Analytics in Retail

Retailers have long gathered data — think back, for instance, to the introduction of barcodes and scanners in the ’70s — but the trick is to use that data to derive actionable insights. We talk with Profitect CEO Guy Yehiav about the evolving use of analytics in retail.

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    Guy Yehiav, CEO, Profitect

    Vanessa Jo Roberts, Editorial Director, BizTech

Video Highlights

  • Predictive analytics tell you what could happen; prescriptive data analytics suggest actions to achieve results.
  • Prescriptive analytics provide the most value when they are tied to desired outcomes.
  • Mutiple touchpoints in the retail chain provide retailers the opportunity to use analytics to improve customer service in response to results-based data.