Apr 29 2020

The Most Essential Element of the Modern Workplace Is People

Technology has significantly changed the way work gets done. But to make the most of the opportunities that this evolution provides, organizations must be strategic in how they approach the future of work. During a keynote presentation for CDW's Future of Work Virtual SummIT, organizational strategy consultant Crystal Kadakia offered insights into how organizations can foster connections between employees and unleash their full potential. To see more articles and videos from the Future of Work Virtual SummIT, visit biztechmag.com/SummITSeries2020.

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    Crystal Kadakia, Organizational Strategy Consultant and Author

Video Highlights

  • A 100 percent digital workplace connects workers to each other and to valuable information. 
  • Digital technologies have changed workers and workplaces, requiring new strategies to achieve optimal results. 
  • Diversity of thought is essential to maximizing the value that workers deliver through innovation.