Apr 27 2020

Navigating the Gray Area: The New Digital Workplace Culture

During widespread remote work, companies have been able to dive headfirst into the possibilities of digital work. Being forced to embrace virtual capabilities is allowing organizations to see what's possible, and also to see what they might want to keep once employees return to the office. Crystal Kadakia, organizational strategy consultant and author of The Millennial Myth, closes out the CDW Future of Work Virtual SummIT with a roadmap for businesses to "lead from the middle" to strengthen company culture in the digital age.


    Crystal Kadakia, Two-Time TEDx Speaker; Organizational Strategy Consultant on the Future of Work; Author of The Millennial Myth

    Adam Dennison, Senior Vice President and General Manager, IDG Events; Publisher, CIO

Video Highlights

  • For the first time, organizations are operating 100 percent virtually.
  • Companies should lead from the middle when balancing traditional and digital workplace environments.
  • There are three primary cultural changes that businesses can make to be successful.

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