Nov 14 2017

Microsoft Envisions the Modern Workplace with Better Collaboration Tools

The office has relied on Microsoft's software prowess for decades now. As the modern workplace undergoes a major evolution, Microsoft is changing along with work tendencies and behaviors. At CDW's Executive Summit in Chicago, Scott Emigh, chief technology officer for the US One Commercial Partner Division at Microsoft, offered insight into Microsoft's new focus on Teams, the software the company plans to put at the forefront of its collaboration offerings, as well as the eventual sunsetting of Skype for Business.


    • Scott Emigh, U.S. One Commercial Partner, Microsoft

    Microsoft logo

Video Highlights

  • Microsoft recently announced that its Teams product will be at the core of the modern workplace.
  • The company has a vision for truly "intelligent communication" in the workplace.
  • The Skype for Business client won't be eliminated in the short-term though, Microsoft is allowing plenty of time for companies to "fall in love with Teams first."