Aug 28 2018

Meet Sven: An IoT Robot Spider Prototype That Leverages Cloud and Data Analytics

The Internet of Things presents a whole new world of opportunity for businesses of all types and sizes. But wrapping your head around what IoT applications might look like can be challenging. To help companies grasp the potential, CDW and NetApp have built and powered Sven, an IoT spider robot. Built with a Raspberry Pi and basic camera technology, Sven constantly captures pictures and video that are sent through a NetApp-powered HCI system. Its image recognition is processed in the public cloud through AWS, then is interpreted and displayed for booth attendees. You can follow Sven on Twitter @sven_the_spider.

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    • Stephan Stelter, National Technical Partner Manager for CDW, NetApp

Video Highlights

  • To help customers understand the potential use cases for IoT and HCI, Sven the robot was born.
  • While IoT might seem far out for some businesses, it's important to start experimenting and conceptualizing these applications because digital transformation is starting now.
  • This prototype is fairly cost-effective, running mainly on low-cost hardware.