Jan 15 2019

NRF 2019: In-Store Video and Digital Display Essentials

Thanks to video analytics and the cloud, in-store network cameras and digital displays do much more than support loss prevention.


    Hedgie Bartol, Business Development Manager for Retail, Axis Communications

    Ian Hutchinson, Head of Business Development — Retail, Samsung Electronics America

    Mario DiAntonio, Team Leader — Channel Technical Account Management, Samsung Electronics America


Video Highlights

  • Network video cameras can help retailers see more today than ever before, including instances that may make or break the customer experience.
  • Retailers can use information gathered through video to perform line busting, replenish stock quickly and personalize customer experiences.
  • Smart display technology allows for even greater in-store personalization for customers, and up-to-the-minute insight into what's working and what's not.

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