Aug 15 2018

Meet the Security Demands of Automated Technology

Automation is playing an increasingly important role in operations at many companies. USG, a building supply manufacturer based in Chicago, is following this trend, using automated solutions in its manufacturing, warehousing and even mining. At the CDW Managing Risk SummIT in Boston, we spoke with Michael Kovas, senior IT manager with USG, about the security implications of automation, among other challenges the company faces. Visit our CDW Managing Risk SummIT landing page to view more articles and videos from the event.

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    Michael Kovas, Senior IT Manager, USG

Video Highlights

  • Among the automated solutions USG is using are robotic arms on its manufacturing lines and driverless forklifts.
  • USG is keeping an eye on the security demands created by a network upgrade.
  • A third-party vendor can provide valuable services, such as monitoring security logs to spot anomalies.