Apr 22 2020

Management Agility Is Essential to Workplace Evolution

The workplace is changing more rapidly than ever — from digital transformation efforts to a massive increase in remote work in response to the public health crisis. Organizations that don't adapt to these changes are in danger of being left behind. During CDW's Future of Work Virtual SummIT this week, keynote speaker Seth Mattison explained why workers need to feel connected and effective. To see more articles and videos from the Future of Work Virtual SummIT, visit biztechmag.com/SummITSeries2020.

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    Matt McLaughlin, Editor, BizTech

    Seth Mattison, Workforce Strategist and Management Trendspotter

Video Highlights

  • With workplaces undergoing major changes in a short period of time, managers must regularly update their skills.   
  • Technology is essential to workplace evolution, but the human element is even more important. 
  • Workers need visibility into workflows and how their efforts affect the success of the organization.