Nov 08 2022

Managed Services Help Briggs & Stratton Expand Its Business

At 114 years old, Briggs & Stratton has been making engines since Theodore Roosevelt was president of the U.S. To remain successful over such a long time, the company has had to adapt to changes, and its IT strategy has evolved as well. Overt the past decade, the company has increasingly relied on IT services from trusted partners to support its business. At the recent CDW Executive SummIT: Making Future IT a Reality, Mark Ciszek, the company’s IT platform and delivery manager, explained how Briggs & Stratton has handed off a significant portion of its IT operations to CDW so it can focus on advancing its business globally.

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    Mark Ciszek, IT Platform and Delivery Manager, Briggs & Stratton

    Brian Smith, Senior Manager, Customer Success, Managed Services, CDW

Video Highlights

  • Briggs & Stratton reduced its corporate IT team from 115 members to 45 and brought on value-added partners to handle some IT operations.
  • Bringing in CDW as a partner for managed services and other IT services has enabled Briggs & Stratton to focus on new products.
  • Bringing on a third party as an IT partner requires Briggs & Stratton to understand its needs as well as the services CDW offers.