Apr 04 2024

CDW Executive SummIT: Optimizing Costs for Existing and Emerging Technology

At the CDW Executive SummIT in Chicago, IT leaders shared their thoughts on how to optimize technology investments. Prioritizing and simplifying your tech stack are good places to start, and they'll also help to address issues that have arisen around technical debt. To truly optimize IT costs, it's important to identify which existing technology still offers value and which tools should be replaced to make room for innovative solutions. 

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    Mike Kennedy, Vice President of Technology Enablement and Strategy, CDW

    Sanjay Sood, CTO, CDW

    E.G. Nadhan, Global Chief Architect Leader, Red Hat

    Christopher Smith, Director of IT, The Museum of Flight

Video Highlights

  • The first step in optimizing costs is to clearly define and understand your organization's IT strategy.
  • Prioritization will allow your organization to eliminate wasted spending and properly allocate resources.
  • The cost of technical debt has become a challenge that many organizations struggle to overcome.