Oct 21 2017

Hyperconvergence and Cloud Point Toward Need for Efficiency and Speed in IT

Simplicity is the goal in modern IT as organizations demand more infrastructure and more services across an ever-increasing number of devices. Hyperconverged infrastructure, which consolidates the compute, network, storage and virtualization stacks into single appliance, is on the rise because IT leaders are in search of products and that solutions that provide ease of management along with scale and agility. The same is true of the cloud. While there's value in on-premises and off-premises infrastructure, and no one needs to be exclusively one or the other, there's no question that the cloud provides IT with simple and accessible infrastructure and services in a way that was simply more difficult in the past.

We spoke with Ajay Aggarwal from Nutanix, a leader in the hyperconverged infrastructure market, at CDW's Executive Summit in Chicago to get his thoughts on why hyperconverged solutions have taken off so quickly and hear his perspective on the evolution of cloud technologies.


    • Ajay Aggarwal, VP, Americas SEs, Nutanix

Video Highlights

  • People are generally trying to simplify IT operations and hyperconverged meets that need in numerous ways.
  • There's an evolution happening where people no longer choose between on-premises or off-premises, they use both depending on the need.
  • The way that consumers and workers rely on technology has created a sense of urgency in organizations to develop and deliver more rapidly.