Jun 06 2018

How Emerging Technologies Influence the Way We Act

The continuing evolution of technology is having a lasting impact on our culture. At the recent CDW Enabling the Workforce SummIT, Andy Lippman, associate director of the MIT Media Lab, discussed IT innovation and evolution during a keynote speech. He observed that people and organizations, rather than focusing on centralized data sources,  are increasingly trusting distributed systems to handle data in a decentralized way. Lippman spoke with BizTech about the impact technology has on the workforce and on society as a whole. Visit our CDW Enabling the Workforce SummIT landing page to view more articles and videos from the event.

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    Andy Lippman, Associate Director, MIT Media Lab

Video Highlights

  • Integrating human nature into technology can yield significant benefits.
  • Artificial intelligence is promising, but it is not yet a mature technology.
  • Deep learning can help organizations find valuable insights in Big Data.


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