Aug 25 2021

Full Session: Infrastructure That Delivers on the Promise of the Cloud

The pandemic has been a catalyst for digital transformation within many organizations, but it's important to align new technology with business objectives. In this CDW Tech Talk, learn how optimize your infrastructure to accomplish business goals.

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    C. Matt Brown, Executive Director, IT Customer Engagement, NetApp

    Stephan Stelter, National Technical Partner Manager, NetApp

    Neil Graver, Executive Technology Strategist, CDW

    Nassar Nizami, Executive Vice President and Chief Information and Digital Officer, Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health

    Aaron Martin, Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer, Providence

    Casey Bleeker, Director, Strategic Go to Market, Digital Velocity Solutions, CDW 

    Matt McLaughlin, Associate Editorial Director, BizTech; Host, CDW Tech Talk Series

    Jordan Scott, Editor, HealthTech

Video Highlights

  • Technology has leapt forward during the pandemic, with faster networks and high-performance storage.
  • Holistic data management can include on-premises data centers while still leveraging the processing power of the cloud.
  • A dynamic infrastructure can provide flexibility and cost savings by breaking down silos in IT and data management.