Aug 20 2020

Empowering Digital Transformation and Secure Remote Work

The workplaces that people find themselves in right now, which are often in their own homes, need to be treated differently than traditional offices. Users need collaboration tools to get work done effectively They also need to be able to work in a secure manner. In this CDW Tech Talk, find out how organizations can achieve both of those goals. To see more articles and videos from the CDW Tech Talk series, visit


    Bob Bragdon, Host, CDW Tech Talk Series

    Kevin Swanson, Surface Specialist, Microsoft

    Benjamin Moore, Senior Field Solution Architect - M365, CDW 

Video Highlights

  • The security architecture needed to support remote work is one that is based on user identity and how users access data and applications.
  • Microsoft 365 can support workers and enable them to effectively collaborate, no matter where they are located.  
  • Microsoft tools can help analyze how users are working to give them insights into how they are spending their time during the day.