Jul 05 2022

Digital Transformation Means Optimal Customer Experiences Are an Essential Priority

In a world where the customer experience with your service or product is exclusively or largely digital, organizations must prioritize developing interactions in the digital realm that feel satisfying, rewarding and, above all else, useful. In many cases, this means developing custom applications rather than using off-the-shelf programs; in other instances, it means offering the customer the ability to self-serve.

As part of our coverage of the CDW Executive SummIT: Delivering Better Outcomes Through IT, Andy Cadwell, vice president of digital velocity solutions at CDW, and Jeff Kremer, digital velocity BDM at CDW, spoke about how digital transformation demands a modern customer experience mindset from organizations of all kinds.


    • Andy Cadwell, Vice President, Digital Velocity Solutions, CDW
    • Jeff Kremer, Digital Velocity BDM, CDW 

Video Highlights

  • In today's digital transformation climate, customer experience supersedes price and product as a key differentiator.
  • Automating key parts of security and infrastructure can lead to faster time to market and higher rates of responsiveness.
  • Leaders must embrace IT becoming a service provider and not a friction point in order to be viewed as valuable by line-of-business counterparts.