Apr 02 2021

Cloud Adoption Helps Organizations Succeed in the Digital Future

Organizations across the globe are working to overcome their business challenges by leveraging innovative technology solutions. As part of Cisco Live, KJ Burke, principal technology strategist for hybrid cloud with CDW Canada, and Alex Lin, product manager for CDW Canada, dug into a recent CDW report on the cloud conducted in partnership with IDC Canada. They discussed how the cloud can provide scalable and reliable solutions to sustain business operations and more. Follow BizTech's full Cisco Live 2021 coverage here.


    KJ Burke, Principal Technology Strategist, Hybrid Cloud, CDW Canada

    Alex Lin, Product Manager, CDW Canada

Video Highlights

  • Leveraging the public cloud can present both challenges and opportunities.
  • There's a competitive advantage to being able to access your data and applications quickly.
  • The No. 1 reason CEOs are adopting cloud is that their customers are demanding it.