Jun 12 2019

Cisco Live 2019: Traditional WAN vs. SD-WAN

The value, speed and scale of software-defined networking has made a great impact on many IT organizations in recent years. Its use in SD-WAN applications in particular has greatly impacted the way many organizations approach their enterprise networking needs. But we wanted to find out from experts what traditional WAN is best suited for in comparison to SD-WAN, and we also wanted to find out if SD-WAN will ever completely replace the need for traditional WAN.

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    • Will Kerr, Technical Architect - Enterprise Networking, CDW
    • Kiran Ghodgaonkar, Market Manager, SD-WAN, Cisco Systems

Video Highlights

  • WANs have traditionally been used to connect disparate locations with connectivity, but SD-WANs allow for more complexities.
  • Traditional WANs provide guaranteed SLAs, which are important for workloads like voice and collaboration.
  • The bold vision that Cisco put forth for software-defined networking in general underpins its new offerings in SD-WAN with its turnkey Meraki SD-WAN offering and its more advanced Cisco SD-WAN offering.