Jun 12 2018

Cisco Live 2018: Organizations Must Be Proactive About Cybersecurity

The cybersecurity threat landscape is constantly evolving, and Cisco wants to help its customers stay ahead of those perils, which include ransomware attacks and cryptomining. Sean Mason, director of threat management and incident response for Security Advisory Services at Cisco, spoke to us at Cisco Live 2018 about why organizations should be more proactive in their network and endpoint security. Cisco also recommends that organizations engage in network segmentation to improve their IT security posture. 

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    Sean Mason, Director of Threat Management and Incident Response, Security Advisory Services, Cisco 

Video Highlights

  • Ransomware and cryptomining are two of the leading cybersecurity threats Cisco sees in the market right now. 
  • Cisco is working to make security an essential and foundational element of its networking solutions. 
  • Organizations need to be proactive about their security and plan for the worst.