Jun 29 2017

Cisco Live 2017: Busting Networking Technology Myths

Things change rapidly in technology and what was once true isn't always true forever. Case in point: Wireless technology was once daunting and complex to put in place. Today, maybe not so much. We spoke with a few experts at Cisco Live to get their takes on some commonly held myths about networking technology and help clear the air on whether these myths still held true in 2017.

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    • Kiran Ghodgaonkar, Senior Marketing Manager, Cisco Systems
    • Sven Rasmussen, Team Lead — Enterprise Networking, CDW
    • Mike Figart, Network Architect, Great American Insurance Group

Video Highlights

  • Wireless can be easy to set up, but "easy" doesn't mean you don't require thorough planning and preparation.
  • When it comes to access points, sometimes less is more, with the right wi-fi optimization.
  • Physical networking devices have been the norm for years, but software-defined networking is quickly replacing some functions that used to require physical hardware.