Apr 23 2020

Changing Work Environments Demand Evolving Security Measures

The traditional boundaries of the office were shifting long before the current public health crisis, but with a massive increase in the number of remote workers throughout the U.S., the workplace has undergone a major change. Cybercriminals are already preying on this change, attacking workers who are isolated from their IT departments with phishing and other social engineering attacks. During CDW's Future of Work Virtual SummIT this week, CDW's Paul Shelton explained how organizations can protect themselves.To see more articles and videos from the Future of Work Virtual SummIT, visit biztechmag.com/SummITSeries2020.

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    Paul Shelton, Cybersecurity Architect, CDW

Video Highlights

  • The security paradigm has changed as the traditional boundaries between home and work have shifted.
  • Workers must be empowered to maintain collaboration and productivity while working from anywhere without interruption due to security issues. 
  • Security tools and training are essential to protecting workers and data in a dispersed work environment.