Apr 22 2020

Cybersecurity’s Increasing Role in the Future of Work

As the nature of work changes, so must a business's defenses. A growing remote workforce is forcing cybersecurity experts to rethink their priorities to protect their organizations for the future. Join CDW Practice Architect Paul Shelton as he explores case studies, best practices, considerations and takeaways for moving ahead.


    Paul Shelton, Practice Architect, CDW

    Adam Dennison, Senior Vice President and General Manager, IDG Events; Publisher, CIO

Video Highlights

  • The global pandemic has caused all organizations to suddenly plunge into the deep end of the work-from-home pool.
  • Organizations are learning to cope with a workforce that’s younger and now working farther apart.
  • Even in the short term, there are ways businesses can securely balance workforce needs with a large portion of employees working remotely.