Sep 21 2020

CDW Tech Talk: What We Learned About Building Customer Experiences

The disruptions caused by the pandemic have pushed businesses to meet growing customer expectations while grappling with a new operational landscape. From data analytics to networking must-haves, organizations need to be innovative to bridge this gap. During the latest CDW Tech Talk, experts discussed how technology can help businesses continue to push the envelope. Find exclusive coverage of the CDW Tech Talk, including all of the full sessions, here.


    Woody Walton, Director, Partner Technology Strategist, Microsoft

    Chris McCain, Director, Networking and Security, VMware

    Jill Billhorn, Senior Vice President, Corporate Sales, CDW

    Chip Yager, Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Zebra Technologies

    Patrick LaPorte, Senior Director, Portfolio and Solutions Marketing, Aruba Networks

Video Highlights

  • Customer experiences need to be personalized and secure.
  • Empathy can be the key to unlocking an exceptional customer experience. 
  • There are five main aspects of networking that businesses need to look at when considering their options.