Aug 21 2020

CDW Tech Talk: Reimagining the Workplace, at Home and in the Office

Businesses are both supporting remote workers with large-scale deployments of collaboration tools and considering technology investments that will enable them to more safely return some workers to their offices. During CDW's Tech Talk, IT experts made clear that organizations are going to have to be flexible as the pandemic evolves. To see more articles and videos from the CDW Tech Talk series, visit


    Conor Waddell, Vice President, Data Center Solutions, CDW

    Bob Rossi, Vice President, Networking, Digital Workspace and Security Solutions, CDW

    Nathan Coutinho, Director, Digital Workspace Solutions Practice, CDW

    Tom DeCoster, Vice President, Integrated Services Sales & Engagement, CDW

    Rony Adaimy, ProLiant Server Category Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Video Highlights

  • Workplaces have fundamentally changed, and in the future, organizations will be required to have much greater flexibility to enable employees to work from home at a moment's notice. 
  • Cybersecurity remains a key concern with so many users working from home, as the attack surface has increased dramatically. 
  • Temperature-scanning and contact-tracing technologies will likely be used as organizations bring at least some of their workers back to physical offices.