Oct 13 2020

CDW Tech Talk: Empowering Digital Transformation in an Ever-Changing Landscape

2020 has silenced any lingering doubts about the importance of digital transformation to business longevity. But businesses are also facing significant challenges, such as the need to protect a growing set of data, devices and users in an expansive threat landscape while staying ahead of today's increasingly capable cyber adversaries. During CDW's Tech Talk, MK Palmore, vice president and field chief security officer for Palo Alto Networks, discusses how businesses can remain transformation agents while meeting the security needs of their users in the midst of a crisis. Find full coverage of the CDW Tech Talk here. Become an Insider to watch Palmore's full session, "Managing Digital Transformation During a Crisis."


    MK Palmore, Vice President and Field Chief Security Officer, Palo Alto Networks

Video Highlights

  • The cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing, so business enterprises will need to think ahead to stay resilient.
  • The biggest cybersecurity threats businesses are facing include the advanced persistent threat of nation-states, the financially motivated cyber adversary, the ever-present insider threat and the hacktivist or disruptor. 
  • Businesses should embrace crisis planning and practice what a crisis looks like.