Oct 15 2020

CDW Tech Talk: Building Cyber-Resiliency into the Workplace

The technology landscape is rapidly changing, requiring businesses to have better cyber-resiliency. One way they can achieve that is by creating adaptable, connected teams, explains Rick McElroy, head of security strategy for VMware Carbon Black. In this CDW Tech Talk, learn best practices for embedding security into your work culture and overall organization. Find full coverage of the CDW Tech Talk here. Watch McElroy's full session, "The Tao of Cyber Resiliency and the 'Way of Adaptive Security.'"


    Rick McElroy, Head of Security Strategy, VMware Carbon Black

Video Highlights

  • Organizations should view security as a holistic IT problem.
  • Businesses don't put enough emphasis on building resilient teams.
  • IT leaders should help strengthen their teams' ability to improvise and develop a culture of safety in their organization.