Oct 15 2020

Full Session: How to Achieve Cyber-Resiliency

To combat the modern threat landscape and secure digital transformations, organizations must make resiliency part of their daily work. Cyber-resiliency should seek to be efficient, direct and simple. It should be built into teams, processes and technology stacks. This CDW Tech Talk session covers how organizations can achieve cyber-resiliency and better defend their home field. Find full coverage of the CDW Tech Talk here.


    Rick McElroy, Head of Security Strategy, VMware Carbon Black

    Bob Bragdon, Worldwide Managing Director, CSO

Video Highlights

  • Due to rapidly changing business models, many organizations have adopted new technologies. But they may have done so on top of a weak security foundation.
  • When building a strong cybersecurity program, businesses should embrace three goals: resiliency, simplicity and adaptability.
  • Training teams before an event occurs, strengthening their ability to improvise and developing a culture of safety are all key to forming resilient teams.