Oct 04 2023

CDW Executive SummIT: Optimizing Costs in the Cloud for the Financial Sector

When migrating to the cloud, some users are finding out that costs can outweigh the benefits of scalability and agility, and some organizations are rethinking the decisions they made over the past few years. For companies in the financial sector, which has been slower to move to the cloud, this timing could turn out to be advantageous. As they continue to migrate data and workloads to the cloud, they can leverage the power of automation to mitigate some costs. At the CDW Executive SummIT in Dallas, IT decision-makers discussed some of the challenges of moving to the cloud, as well as the possibilities that arise when automating traditionally manual tasks.

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    Ben Shupe, COO, C&R Software

    Lisa Cuthbertson, Director of Digital Experience, CDW

    Kim Conant, IT Director, Veenstra & Kimm

Video Highlights

  • Automation can be a valuable tool for managing costs, but it's important to first assess the technology currently in your ecosystem.
  • Automation can help unlock the benefits and optimize the costs of moving to the cloud.
  • Eliminating some manual tasks can free up teams to perform the research and development needed for innovation.