Jun 26 2018

Businesses Benefit from Better Data Centers

Data center upgrades provide organizations with better scalability, more storage and increased performance. At the CDW Upgrading and Preparing for the Future SummIT, IT leaders from across the country discussed the benefits and challenges of modernizing their data centers. Visit our CDW Upgrading and Preparing for the Future SummIT landing page to view more articles and videos from the event.

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    Mark Duckworth, Director of Enterprise IT Infrastructure & Shared Services, Tractor Supply

    Stephen Padgett, CIO, Actian

    Eric Niebuhr, IT Infrastructure Supervisor, Sub-Zero Group

Video Highlights

Some businesses have found that it's better to keep customer-facing data in the cloud and retain internal process data in a private data center.

Upgrading data centers can result in more storage and higher scalability for a business

The best data center solutions provide businesses with improved performance and more precise measuring of benchmarks.