The power of artificial intelligence has been made clear. We asked Forcepoint CEO Manny Rivelo whether the criminals or the good guys will make better use of it over time.
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You Wear It Well

Much more than a timepiece, this indispensable gadget will help you manage your day, and may even save your life.


Safety All Around

Easy to configure and use, the 210 series is built with small and midsize businesses in mind.

IT Futurist

Seeing Is Believing

While the technology is still in its early days, large firms are investing in holographic videoconferencing as a tool to collaborate with far-flung colleagues.

Fact or Fallacy

Test and Learn

There are almost as many different cybersecurity assessments as there are myths about them. It’s important to know what’s true.


The Long Run

Businesses must ensure software is updated and compatible with existing devices.

Tech Tips

Set It, Don’t Forget It

Plug-and-play routers and switches are easy to use but may leave security gaps.

Get Smart

Compliance Conundrum

Around the world, data privacy regulations are ballooning. A modern data management platform is the best way to stay out of trouble.



Special Delivery

Predictive analytics, voiceprint authentication and sentiment analysis are just some of the applications organizations are deploying to delight their customers.


Cloud Talk

No longer limited to centralized locations, business enjoy reduced costs, increased productivity and better tracking of customer communication.


Defense Beyond the Walls

Whether through multifactor authentication or more ambitious strategies, keeping data safe remains a priority.


Waste Not, Want Not

Organizations have many ways to get rid of their e-waste responsibly, from recycling to reuse, resale and donation.


Growth Driver

As businesses build relationships, CRM is an indispensable tool.


Letter From the Editor

Genuine Impact

Artificial intelligence offers promise and peril. Either way, businesses must adapt.

Contributor Column

Don’t Forget the Humans

Too many companies treat transformation as a series of deployments rather than as an organizationwide journey.

Contributor Column

In Times Like These

Start with the things that will help the company make more money.