Jun 26 2023

Review: Apple Watch Ultra Keeps You On Schedule and Keeps You Safe

Much more than a timepiece, this indispensable gadget will help you manage your day, and may even save your life.

Wearable technology is now part of our daily lives. But this technology is only recently integrating into our offices as a new way to increase productivity. The Apple Watch Ultra is a perfect example.

The technology inside it is helping to drive better time management. Since starting this review, I’ve kept a log of my meeting attendance and have seen a noticeable improvement in my on-time rate when the watch was helping me keep to my schedule. Given that the appointments I made on my computer or smartphone automatically sync to my watch, this advantage required no extra effort on my part.

The Apple Watch Ultra also improved my business communication during my real-world testing. For example, it notified me when important emails came in so that I could look over critical information and respond quickly if needed, even when I was away from my desk or out of the office. By simply turning my wrist and a seeing a discreet message displayed, I could choose to ignore it or immediately respond, keeping better connected with my job without having to interrupt whatever I was doing at the time.

Apple Watch Ultra Keeps You Organized

I found this feature to be invaluable while traveling for work. For example, when engaging with a potential new client, I was still able to quickly triage other communications and stay connected with family back home, making me a happier person without hindering my ongoing, in-person meeting.

Not all wearables produce the same results. The Apple Watch Ultra stands out as a device that revolutionizes the way we can approach and optimize work today. It includes features that enable users to make and receive calls, send text messages, and access email without reaching for their phones. This allows for constant communication, which is especially useful for office workers who may need to juggle tasks but cannot afford to miss important calls or messages.

The rest of the time, it stays out of the way and out of mind.

Apple Watch Ultra


I used many of the Apple Watch Ultra’s features while on the road traveling for business. It was especially delightful in airports, allowing me to communicate quickly without having to open my carry-on bag to dig for my phone. And if you misplace your phone, the Apple Watch Ultra will help you find it, causing your phone to emit an audible signal with a simple tap of an icon on the watch.

The Apple Watch Ultra also comes with several apps that enable users to be productive while on the go. Its productivity app provides users with to-do lists and reminders, making it easier to prioritize tasks and time. My favorite integration includes Apple Maps which offers directions right from your wrist.

After a few weeks with the Apple Watch Ultra, it has become indispensable to me, and will be appreciated by any business professional looking for better productivity on the go — or by businesses that want to encourage that for their entire workforce.

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Processor: U1 chip, W3 Apple wireless chip
Processor Type: S8 SiP
Flash Memory Installed: 32GB
Case: Aerospace-grade titanium
Battery Life: Up to 36 hours
Maximum Operating Temperature: 131 F
Minimum Operating Temperature: minus 4 F
Supported OS: iOS 16 or later


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