Switching to remote work environments with existing staff is hard. Adding new teammates is a different challenge.
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Rugged Functionality

Powered by Android’s OS, this military-tough tablet is secure and manageable for any business.

Fact or Fallacy

Get It Straight

The European and U.S. laws are similar but each has distinct features that organizations must account for in their privacy programs.


Let the Bot Do It

RPA is valuable for keeping up with ever-increasing transactions, but it’s not right for every situation.


The New Digital Workforce

They need to think about their objectives with automation first and manage the ‘digital workforce’ much as they do human employees, says Deloitte Managing Director Gina Schaefer.

Security Save

Make It Happen

Organizations are looking for things to cut, but security can’t be one of them. Here are four steps for securing the budget needed to protect the business.


The Apple co-founder's original computer plans include a letter of authenticity from Wozniak himself.

Tech Tips

Smooth Operator

With two servers, administrators can boost uniformity for users working remotely or in the office.

Get Smart

Container Conductors

Containerization is all the rage in DevOps, but managing them all requires the right tool. Open-source Kubernetes isn’t always sufficient to meet a business’s needs.



You Better Believe It

As Big Data applications become more widespread, businesses still on the sidelines find themselves at a disadvantage, experts say.


Vision Quest

Pandemic restrictions are easing, and pent-up demand for live events makes the right tech crucial.


Opportunity Knocks

Whether on-premises or in the cloud, business outcomes can only be achieved with the right infrastructure technology.


Secure Choices

The platform option is gaining popularity among businesses seeking to protect their networks, but they should weigh several factors before choosing.


From the Editor

The Right Foundation

Every industry has accelerated digital transformation. Not much is possible, however, without a solid foundation.

Contributor Column

A Strategic Ally

IT spending is expected to skyrocket, meaning tech departments will be swamped. The right partners are a necessity.

Contributor Column

6 Steps to AI Success

Artificial intelligence can be deployed to address a range of challenges, but businesses need a systematic model for getting the most out of it.