CDW Leadership Series

Learn from some of the most influential voices in technology today about how their companies are driving innovation and strategies your business can use to energize its infrastructure, increase productivity and improve its bottom line.

Session 1:
Cisco's Tom Wilburn

Cisco Tom Wilburn

“The rate of change is faster than in any time in our corporate lifetimes, or for most of us in our lifetimes.”

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Session 2:
VMware's Carl Eschenbach

Carl Eschenbach

“Cloud computing is the new era of how IT services will be delivered in the future.”

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Session 3:
EMC's David Goulden

David Goulden

“You will be able to build out a web scale storage infrastructure without hiring 1,000 Ph.D’s.”

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Session 4:
Cisco's Frank Palumbo

Frank Palumbo

“IT people have never been more valuable to their businesses than they are today.”

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Session 5:
HP's Meg Whitman

Meg Whitman

“IT remains the defining change agent of our time, and we stand at a major, major inflection point in our industry.”

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Session 6:
CDW's Neal Campbell

Neal Campbell

“You just don’t want to run in and throw MDM on and hope for the best.”

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Session 7:
Microsoft's Judson Althoff

Judson Althoff

“So the cloud is here; the cloud is real; the cloud is propelling everything we do.”

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