The rapid growth of mobile device adoption over the past few years means that the mobile revolution is headed to a workplace near you. Cisco Systems, for one, isn't standing on the sidelines as users shift to a mobile-first mindset. The company already has a bring-your-own-device policy in place and so far, it's produced happier workers and reduced costs, says Tom Wilburn, Cisco Systems vice president of global enterprise sales.

But Cisco isn't just thinking about the devices themselves, it's also considering the network implications of supporting mobility. Wireless bandwidth is going from a nice-to-have feature to a mission-critical resource, Wilburn says. Additionally, organizations need to leverage modern networking technology to provide better customer service and reduce latency.

Watch Wilburn explain why he believes his company, and technology overall, can change the way businesses work in CDW's exclusive "Bring IT On: A Technology Leadership Series."

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