May 11 2024

Sending New Tech to Employees? These Services Can Help You Unbox Your Devices

From hardware configuration to IT asset management, these services can help IT teams deploy new tech quickly so they can get back to running the business.

Spectrum Brands, an international consumer products company based in Middleton, Wis., known for products such as Black+Decker appliances, IAMS pet food and Black Flag pest control, streamlined its onboarding process for new employees when it embraced device configuration and management services

The company previously unboxed every new laptop and spent 90 minutes on manually configuring and installing software before distributing the devices to employees. They now ship unopened laptops that are automatically configured over the cloud directly to users

With the modern office continuing to evolve, more companies are looking to streamline and outsource their configuration management services. Why? This kind of systems engineering process used to track IT resources saves time and energy, reduces frustrations and allows organizations to manage transitions seamlessly so they can focus on mission-critical projects. 

By investing in a range of managed services, IT teams can get up to speed with new technology faster so they can focus more on running the core business. Here’s what IT leaders need to know:

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Pre-configuration services, like CDW’s Smart Hands Deployment, allows organizations to test each piece of equipment prior to delivery so that once it arrives, it works. No glitches. These services can also ensure that any new operating system, hardware or integrates properly with an organization’s existing IT environment.

A tech partner can also perform quality control to make sure each device arrives at least 50 percent charged after having been physically inspected to prevent dead-on-arrival shipments. 

Once devices have been deployed, organizations can also solicit the help of a tech partner to centrally manage and monitor their deployed assets efficiently.

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Network, security device services make sure that any network settings are pre-configured before delivery. This is especially useful if an organization recently upgraded from say a Wi-Fi 6 to 6E standard because a tech partner can ensure that it’s connected to a multivendor network properly. This service can also check firewalls, routers, VPNs, switches, access points, wireless controllers and endpoint IP devices.

Client device provisioning services allow teams to manage new devices by enrolling them in management portals so that the device data is secure as soon as it’s unboxed. Services include work from home solutions, Windows imaging and more. 

Server and rack configuring and cabling services reduce downtime and onsite configuration expenses by preconfiguring servers and full racks. The team can also assist with hardware installation, server network operating system installation, and IP address and hostname configurations.

IT asset management allows trained technicians to simplify asset management by offering customized asset tagging, enhanced barcode tracking and custom engraving.

Custom packaging and distribution services take this one step further, delivering and customizing all IT equipment to your location, which means you can receive your entire order in one shipment.

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Organizations can also work with a tech partner to develop customized unboxing guides or tutorials tailored to the devices being shipped and the unique needs of each organization. These guides can include detailed instructions and troubleshooting tips to help employees set up their devices correctly. These unboxing guides also serve as a helpful training tool for remote employees.

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