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Sep 21 2023

JNUC 2023: Jamf Products Pair Security and Management Solutions for Full Support

IT and InfoSec admins can look toward Jamf’s trusted access solutions that support their full Apple ecosystem.

In his opening remarks at the 2023 Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC), Jamf CEO John Strosahl led with a statistic: According to IDC, Mac use by enterprises will grow by 20 percent by 2024. Because of this, a holistic and efficient user experience is key for both admins and end users. The keynote session, titled “The Power of AND,” highlighted Jamf features that work together to deliver a fully optimized experience for users.

“When given a choice, today's workforce chooses Apple,” Strosahl said. “But in reality, delivering a customer-grade or a consumer-grade Apple experience in the workplace is hard. Organizations try to stitch together different management and security solutions to make the processes and things that they need to do, but it leads to a complex integration and a poor user experience.

A platform-agnostic approach means that organizations are unable to support the rich array of experiences possible within the Apple ecosystem.”

Admins must look at the technology stack holistically to truly optimize the Apple experience. Using Jamf products, businesses can help employees streamline their experience across devices — Macs, iPhones and iPads — without disrupting their workflow.

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Management and Security Are Key to the Jamf Experience

“We’ve expanded our capabilities to deliver integrated management and security workflows so teams can focus on delivering business outcomes with the confidence that both the IT and the InfoSec teams requirements are met,” Strosahl said.

Sam Johnson, chief customer officer for Jamf, introduced the term “trusted access,” which is “an outcome that happens when you fully manage and secure your Mac and your mobile devices, regardless if they are for a person or a purpose.”

Trusted access means that only authorized users on enrolled devices that are secure and free from threats are able to access an organization’s critical apps and data. Jamf products enable Apple admins to secure their environments and create a frictionless employee experience at the same time.

“The first step toward achieving trusted access starts with a trusted device,” said Veronica Batista, senior manager in product marketing and market intelligence for Jamf.  “And management is the foundation, because you can’t secure what you can’t see.”

Batista rolled out a new look for the Jamf Pro platform and delivered some product updates on the Jamf Pro 11 release and beyond, including easy shortcuts and automated workflows to help simplify device management across applications.

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New Jamf Features Support Zero-Trust Network Architecture

The concept of trusted access is rooted in zero-trust principles, which means trusting and identifying users across all endpoints, with granular access control around sensitive data, said Jamf CIO Linh Lam. To that end, access workflows have also been simplified with Jamf Connect, supporting platform single-sign on for BYOD and allowing users to use Face ID or Touch ID on their personal devices for quicker authentication.

Now, Jamf Connect offers zero-trust network access for enhanced protection and identity management, which is automatically activated upon deployment.

“Jamf Connect securely routes all data on a corporate device when it’s fully managed and has Jamf Trust installed,” Lam said. “Users can easily access resources via browser or native apps. And unlike alternative solutions, the experience on mobile is excellent as users navigate across different networks and are frequently connecting and reconnecting to applications and email throughout the day.”

Strosahl wrapped up the keynote presentation by announcing the location for the next JNUC — Nashville, Tenn. — and delivered some parting words for attendees.

“We hope you all leave here feeling the power of ‘and,’” he said. “Our goal is to serve as a fulcrum helping IT and InfoSec teams better work together so they can leverage the power of the Jamf workflows that combine management and security. We work with you and your existing infrastructure to help expand your environment, whether that includes Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Okta or many of the other integrations that we have available.

Simply said, trusted access is a desired outcome you achieve when you manage and secure your Mac and your mobile devices with Jamf.”

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Photography by Amy McIntosh

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