Jul 01 2022

VMware Jump-Starts and Upgrades: What Small Businesses Need to Know

Utilizing virtualization through a tool like vSphere can unlock several benefits for your business — if you can get past the technical shifts.

When it comes to managing servers, small businesses want to keep things simple — and sometimes, simplicity requires ditching an old process in favor of a new one that will put them in a better position in the long run.

Server virtualization, for example, can significantly reduce the complexity of your server management setup: By putting important server access tools in virtualized settings, it can greatly ease the process of managing mission-critical software (such as databases) far away from the source, even through a mobile device.

But without a dedicated IT resource to help navigate this process, many small businesses don’t have the confidence to integrate such tools into their workflow.

Yet the benefits of this approach may still make it worthwhile. Utilizing tools like vSphere from VMware — which can help maximize efficiency through the elimination of routine administrative tasks — are compelling enough that many businesses still likely want to make the leap.

Of course, talking about doing the upgrade is easier than actually doing it, especially if you don’t know what you’re getting into. But if you’re new to vSphere, you have options.

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Get a Virtualization Jump-Start

Any big shift of this nature is going to create challenges in implementation; you have to account for things you may not know to anticipate if you’re going in blind.

Questions need to be answered about where the organization must be, from a technology perspective, to even accept this kind of software. Without the right hardware and workflows in place, the technical benefits might be limited.

This is where a vSphere Jumpstart comes into play. This service, targeted at those new to the vSphere ecosystem, is designed to give businesses an understanding of the tools needed to get up and running with a desktop virtualization infrastructure by highlighting opportunities to simplify administrative tasks, reduce the risk of data loss, cut down on system downtime and reduce issues with business continuity and operational expenses.

vSphere’s Jumpstart — which is offered in either a standard or an advanced workshop model — is an ideal way for those new to vSphere technology to get the knowledge and confidence needed to make the leap to a new platform that has the potential to change your workflow.

After all, if your organization is going to the trouble of bringing in virtualization, it should do so because it has the potential to improve overall flexibility and reliability for your IT staff.

If your organization is ready to take the leap into virtualization, working with CDW’s Amplified™ Infrastructure team could help you figure out what’s possible, what the options look like, and how to get set up for your vSphere Jumpstart.

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Upgrade Considerations

Of course, those already utilizing vSphere for their infrastructure may be looking for an upgrade rather than a jump-start, and that comes with its own set of complications. Your IT team may not necessarily need to be trained on the basics of vSphere, but perhaps you might need to get an understanding of what’s necessary for an upgrade, as well as what kinds of infrastructure changes you might need to make room for the latest version of vSphere. You may not be able to upgrade to vSphere 7, for example, until you are on version 6.5.

A managed process with the help of our CDW Amplified™ services can help take the guesswork out of this kind of shift.

Bringing in CDW to help manage the process can provide a big boost for your business, as it can help to lower the odds of something being missed during what can be a complex upgrade process.

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