Dec 06 2021

CDW Tech Talk Reviews the Trends and Highlights of 2021

As 2021 draws to a close, some consistent tech trends have emerged, including hybrid work environments, the continuing threat of ransomware and important shifts in corporate culture.

In many ways, 2021’s tech trends turned out to be an extension of 2020’s. With the pandemic now stretching into its third year, IT leaders have continued to contend with the familiar issues of remote and hybrid work, cloud migration, cybersecurity and other holdover concerns from the previous year.

As 2021 comes to a close, this week’s CDW Tech Talk series webcast will take a look back at some of the thoughtful discussions that have made up the program over the course of the year. We heard from experts and thought leaders about the importance of developing a dynamic infrastructure, the changing nature of work and how to minimize risk while maintaining a competitive edge.

As part of that review, the webcast will revisit an Aug. 24 conversation with NetApp’s C. Matt Brown, executive director of IT customer engagement, and Stephan Stelter, national technical partner manager for the company. In that webcast, they explained how organizations can use their existing on-premises infrastructure to leverage tools in the cloud and get the most out of their data.

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Other topics we’ll re-examine include the ongoing threat of ransomware, the need for effective collaboration tools in a hybrid work setting, and the intersection of diversity, equity and inclusion with technology.

Additional Tech Talk Highlights

The CDW Tech Talk series is a weekly webcast that covers a wide variety of IT topics demonstrating how businesses can reimagine the future of work and manage evolving infrastructures.

Most recently, we talked about how to minimize complexity within your data environment by leveraging an IT infrastructure that aligns with your organization’s business objectives.

Other recent topics of discussion have included the importance of diversity and inclusion in a hybrid work environment; the value of a zero-trust security strategy; safeguarding your organization’s data and securing your financial interests; using innovative technology, such as augmented and virtual reality, to build connections among workersbuilding resilient workspaces; wireless technologyworker flexibility; and employee workflows. Register for the series here, and follow BizTech’s full coverage of the event here.

Getty Images/ Kirill Smyslov

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